Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catching up

Last few days have been busy ones. With the baby sick, I had to skip our skiing trip Saturday. I keep calling it a skiing trip when in all reality it was a snowboarding trip. But I'm old school and snowboarding is just too long a word. Anyway the boys came back with wonderful stories of their first time out there. I'm so sorry I missed it. I am sure it would have been a blast to go down the slopes with them. Oh well, hopefully we will be able to do it again before the season is over. On Sunday we went bike riding to the park. We played on the playground, we through a few passes, played ball tag and were introduced to frisbee golf. Overall a very good time. Next time I will have to bring my camera so I can snap a few pics of the boys playing. They are so much fun. Thank you God!  Monday started off as a beautiful day. I took the baby to the zoo and the park. Our zoo/park has one of those old red, white, and blue rocket ship slides. I was scared to let the baby go by himself, so I ended it up climbing and sliding down with him. He kept saying "Mama you silly" then giggling all the way down. We would have stayed at the park longer but the weather started changing, by bedtime it was clear the next day would be a snow day. Crazy right?? we went from 70 to -15 in a matter of days. The good thing is the boys have been home from school. We have been keeping busy with the wii, movies and books. Tomorrow we are planning a puppet show for the baby. We will see how that goes.

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