Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Review

What a busy week! My mom has been staying with us since the beginning of the month so I can take her to various appointments with various doctors. On Monday we had parent/teacher conferences. I am really proud of the boys. They are very smart. I think they take after me (hehehe).  Tuesday we skipped trumpet/guitar lessons because I was too lazy to take them,  of the freeze warning. Wednesday we went to golf lessons only to find that they had been cancelled. That's what happens when it gets cold around here.  Thursday my in laws came to town. They got here late so we all we did was have dinner at home then go mimis (to sleep).  On Friday my sister in law went for an interview (she did awesome!) then came home. I made some chilaquiles that were so freakin hot, the only one who could eat them was my Father in law. He even asked for seconds!! oh yeah, woohoo, score one for me! They enjoyed the chile so much, they asked if I could take them to go buy some. So we did. After that we took them to a wildlife refuge so they could see the wildlife. We had dinner then they drove home. Saturday I went to my WW meeting (4lbs woohoo) then took my mom antique-ing while the boys went to play golf. We met up at the park/zoo to have lunch. After that we came home to play Just Dance on the Wii. Too fun! for me, the boys not that into it, but i think that's only because they had a friend over, and what cool 11& 10 yr old dances with their mom!! I really enjoyed this week. Love my life!! Thank you God!

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