Monday, February 21, 2011

Yummy Day

So much fun today! I love those Monday Holidays. We went out bike riding again but this time we wanted to try out geocaching. We live in an area that allows us to safely ride our bikes to a huge park with a very long bike route. It is also surrounded by a lot of undeveloped areas. Which just happen to be prime geocache hiding spots! There were about 7 different caches within a mile of our home. Lucky us! We tracked down two.  After noticing babyboy asleep in his little bike trailer, we decided to head off to the park for lunch. I packed some homemade subs, oranges, and popcorn for lunch. After lunch we played in the playground and ball tag. We also managed to fly the kite. It didn't go very high, but it went up and the boys thought that was cool.  Came home and made that citrus chicken. MMM yummy! we served it with salad and black bean salsa. It reminded me of Chilis' margarita chicken, only much better! Definitely going on our fave list.

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