Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly review

Time flies when you have kids. The days just kinda passed slowly by before the boys. Now it seems like in a blink of an eye an entire year passes. It is insane how big the boys are getting. Everyday they seem taller, smarter, different. It seems like ions ago that they were itty bitty.  I am so blessed to have them in my life. 

This week we were back on schedule, kinda. Abis (that's what baby boy calls Grandma) was still in town. We spent most of the week taking her to doctor's appointments and labs. We were very relieved to learn that her heart is in good shape and that her blood pressure is finally under control. Woohoo!! 

The boys went back to their regular afterschool activities. Gboy and Jboy signed up for soccer, neither wanted to do baseball this season. I thought about registering baby boy but I think I will wait until next season.  

We have really enjoyed time outdoors lately thanks to some great weather.  Except for today, it was really windy and any outdoor activity would have resulted in lots and lots of runny noses and itchy eyes. So we stayed in watching movies instead. Luv it when i get to cuddle my boys all day long. 

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