Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Night of Accomplishments

I spent most of the day being lazy and uninspired. Didn't do much besides blog hopping and playing with baby boy. When I came home from picking up Jboy from golf practice I was feeling too lazy to make dinner. Then all of a sudden I got up,  oiled my pan and just got started. Boy was that the best thing ever! In less than 20 mins I had a delicious dinner for less than the cost of pizza. I made the shrimp dinner that was on the meal plan but I had to do some improvising. I only had one zucchini left and no cherry tomatoes. So, I gave myself permission to get creative. I added mushrooms, roma tomatoes, onions, and half a red pepper. All free foods on the WW plus point system. I sauteed them a bit then added some white cooking wine and shrimp. I served this delicious concoction on top of spaghetti with some bread and a caesar salad that Jboy prepared.  So much yumminess for very little points. I even had points left over to enjoy dinner with a glass of red wine and two small scoops of ice cream for dessert. So kudos to me for not calling out for pizza.
This yummy dinner led to many more accomplishments. Baby boy has been doing pretty good with peeing but the other one not so much, until tonight when he went all by himself, no prompting needed!! I was so very proud of him! Jboy took on kitchen duty all by himself and did an awesome job. And Gboy, with a little help from me, is completing his very first multi page school report. Aaaah my babies are getting so big.

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