Friday, January 28, 2011


      Have you ever fulfilled a New Year's resolution? The following year?? Well, it's never too late right?? Unless the dinner was at 6 and you get there at 8 and there is nothing left...I guess then you would be too late. But anyway, last year I resolved to create a blog so I could link to all the cool linky parties out there. But, never got around to it. Until tonight, while I sat here in bed with a sick baby. And a sick iphone.  So, while I waited for my phone to finish syncing (is that a word?) and watched over my sleeping baby, I spontaneously hit the create button and did it!! Woohoo!! I love those spur of the moment project completions!!  
     So this is it! This is my blog where I can share my projects (if I ever finish any of them), my pics, and my life. Enjoy!

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